believe that every woman is a goddess, whether she realizes it or not. I have become so passionate about helping women to rediscover her, get to know her, and fall in love with her during their boudoir experiences. 

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It has become my mission to create a space where women feel beautiful, safe, empowered, seen and celebrated for who they are - and not for who society says they should be. 

The women who decide to have a boudoir session ultimately do this for themselves.  They are ready to change the narrative in their heads of all the lies every told about their bodies. They are ready to own who they are, rediscover their divine feminine, fall in love with their curves and imperfections, and reclaim their self confidence. 

The gorgeous photos they receive as a result of this experience just happens to be the icing on the cake, as they'll be able to remind themselves forever of who they really are.  They enter as women, and during their sessions they rise as goddesses. 

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o say that I love being a Seattle boudoir photographer would be an understatement. But what I love even more is creating an environment that empowers women - by every meaning of the word. From inquiry to the session to the artwork - I'm there.

My Background As Your Seattle Boudoir Photographer


And beyond that, I truly feel that it's important to connect with one another. After all, a boudoir session is an incredibly intimate space, and it's my responsibility to showcase you in your true light... to showcase the goddess within you... and to bring that spirit to life throughout your boudoir photography.

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Your boudoir experience will be filled only with love, support and pampering!

The day starts with getting your hair and makeup professionally done. You will look and feel like a million bucks!  

Once you are giddy and glowing like a goddess, your 90 minute boudoir session will begin! You don't have to know anything before we get started - I will walk you through all the poses and be your hype woman the entire way through! 

You will feel beautiful, empowered, confident and rise into your unique sexy, sensual goddess! 

Have fun taking a look around the website, then schedule your free consultation using the contact form!

In the consultation, I will explain the boudoir process and answer any questions you may have. If we are a good fit, we can pick a day for your boudoir experience! 

You are also encouraged to join the amazing Facebook community of boudoir goddesses, some who have had their own session, others who want one, and some who just love the positive and supportive vibes of the group!

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2-3 days after your boudoir experience, you will have your photo reveal and ordering session where you'll see your gorgeous goddess images for the first time! 

You'll be able to select your favorites and purchase the images you want to keep forever an heirloom quality album, metal wall art, or to cherish as digitals.

Ready to get started?! 

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hen it comes to your boudoir session, nothing is more important to me than how you feel. We'll chat prior to your session, and we'll get ready for the best time ever.

My approach to your DIVINE Boudoir EXPERIENCE


When you arrive for your session, you might feel nervous and that's ok! It's totally normal. But throughout your time with me, I want you to be transformed from the inside out and feel like the amazingly beautiful, sexy, sensual and divine goddess that you are! 

The icing on the cake are the gorgeous images that you will have to cherish, treasure, and remind yourself of this every day! 

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Marissa is an amazing photographer! I have always viewed myself as an incredibly awkward person in front of a camera, and Marissa was able to guide me through a very natural & sensual photo session with ease.

She is so skilled in her craft and such an incredible hype woman. You'll be amazed at how quickly you're able to connect with such unique, divine aspects of yourself and your femininity within her presence. When you see your photos for the first time, be prepared to be completely blown away. She has a way of capturing the most beautiful special moments.

I cannot express enough just how grateful I am to have shared the time I did with Marissa. Thank you for helping me recognize my beauty and my power!



Marissa helped me discover my own beauty that I felt never existed.  She took the time to listen to all my thoughts and ideas that were floating around in my head and somehow, she was able to assemble all the pieces and created a beautiful backdrop near a river in the middle of nature. It was as if she could see the photoshoot in her own mind before I even stepped in front of the camera. She made my dream come to life. I will never see myself in the same light. After our photoshoot I discovered a new self-love that was never there before, and I owe her so much. Marissa is a woman that holds so much talent, imagination, creativity and artistry. I am so glad that I entrusted her with my vision, thank you Marissa for sharing your beautiful talent with the world.

north bend, wa


I recently did a boudoir photo shoot with friends with Marissa Jay. When I was young, my best friend’s mom had gorgeous prints of herself, from pre-baby years, framed and hanging in one portion of her house and I decided back then that I would do the same. It was so fun to see a younger version of my friend’s mom expressing her beauty, femininity and overall self. I loved expressing myself in front of the camera and in the safe space with Marissa. She helped me with poses, provided music and an overall light, uplifting and empowering experience.



Marissa was awesome. It was my first ever boudoir shoot I was nervous, but that quickly subsided when I met Marissa. Her energy was amazing. She made me feel comfortable from the get go. Somehow Marissa brought out that inner goddess I didn’t even know I had. The stiff energy I came in with immediately went away, and I felt like I was taking pictures with a friend. We had a lot of fun during the shoot, and I didn’t have to come up with a single pose, she had a stash of sexy move ideas, I just did what she told me. There wasn’t a single photo I didn’t like. I will be planning a shoot with this girl again soon! Book her while you can!!! Thanks Marissa, you’re a rock star!!!

issaquah, wa


I am absolutely in love with the photos from my boudoir session with Marissa and cannot recommend a session with her enough!! :)
I am very camera shy and was amazed at how comfortable Marissa made me feel. The session was awesome and I can't wait to book with her again! Her artistic vision was immediately apparent, and she guided the direction of poses, location and wardrobe with ease. Marissa made me feel like the wild forest witch I've always dreamt of being, and the entire experience was so empowering, compassionate, and FUN <3 Thank you, Marissa, for making all of my photoshoot dreams come true.



Marissa is amazing at what she does. Her photography is her passion and that labor of love really shows through in the work. 

I've done a natural boudoir photoshoot in the forest with Marissa and those are a lot of fun! Feeling sexy and free surrounded by nature was intoxicating. Marissa makes you feel and look like a goddess. Her photographs will be something I'll cherish forever.

Not only is she professional and talented, but she's just fun to be around too! I felt completely at ease and sexy and empowered during my boudoir session. It was so much fun and I couldn't recommend the experience or Marissa enough!

issaquah, wa


Marissa has a gift for bringing out each individual, couple or family authentically through her photos. I did a nature boudoir shoot with friends (which was a first for me!) and she created an experience that was comfortable and empowering at the same time. She takes time to understand your vision, offers helpful suggestions (outfits, poses, etc.) and brings such positive energy to her shoots that you can’t help but have fun!

issaquah, wa



sensual • DIVINE  powerful

Your goddess has been kept hidden for far too long.

It is time to let her rise.

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Welcome to my private group on Facebook that is just for you! This is a safe space and I can't wait for you to join us! In this group, we are real, authentic, uplifting, loving, and positively discover the many ways we can encourage our goddesses to rise and shine in our daily lives! 

This call is to answer any questions and go into more detail about your personalized luxury boudoir experience! I can tell that your inner goddess is begging to be set free! Let me know about you, your questions, and let's have a chat about your boudoir session. I look forward to hearing from you soon!