I learned about Marissa and Goddess Rising Boudoir through a close friend who had an exceptional experience with her. Marissa is welcoming from the first video call to every single interaction we had.

She has created a gorgeous space that feels sexy and homey for her photoshoots, and I felt special and cared for the second I walked through her door. Marissa has the most spectacular make-up and hair artist. We laughed, found things in common, talked about life, and realized we had the same level of crunchiness as we were doing yoga (cracking jokes while our bodies were cracking). She helped me feel seen when I got emotional and insecure. She helped me see fierceness when I was inside my head looking for flaws.

My post-photoshoot was just as special. She created the most stunning pictures, and to be honest, my two favorite ones are exactly how I see myself—creative, happy, bubbly. She captured that with ease, and I can't wait to have another session with her soon.

If you are looking for an amazing boudoir photographer, look no further - Marissa is your person!


I struggle to find the words to describe my outdoor boudoir experience with Marissa, but I will try. 
I felt so safe in this space with her. She took such great care of me when we were out shooting. 
I felt free...whole. I felt completely connected to my body and the beauty of my whole self. 
Marissa creates a truly unique experience, takes incredible photos that capture the fullness of a person's being, and dances in the forest with you after you fall off a log naked!

I can't stop sharing my photos with friends and I can't stop talking about my experience. 

I recommend her constantly and can't wait to schedule an in-studio shoot with her in the future. 

This was my next step on my journey o f self-love.
Set yourself free in a way you never knew you could be!


My experience was truly incredible. This was my second time and hot damn my photos were jaw dropping!! Marissa and I have so much fun together.

She is magic.

I feel so comfortable, sexy, and powerful in each photo.

If you have any doubts about doing a boudoir experience, Marissa is the person to trust.


Marissa makes this about the experience as well as about the result. She listened carefully to what I wanted and used her expertise to help me to embrace that. This doesn't "just happen" any more than other expertise does, but she made it seem perfectly natural.

I felt totally safe in her studio and also empowered, like this was an active collaboration and creation.

She is a true professional with a gift for her art.


Embarking on a boudoir session after having four children and going through a divorce felt like a monumental step towards reclaiming my sense of self. As a first-timer to the world of boudoir photography, I approached the session with a mix of excitement and nervousness, unsure of what to expect but eager to embark on this journey. From the moment I stepped into Marissa's studio, I was enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and empowerment.

Marissa, with her keen eye for detail and genuine passion for her craft, instantly put me at ease. She took the time to understand my vision and comfort level, ensuring that every shot captured reflected my unique personality and beauty. It was more than just posing in sexy lingerie, it was a celebration of my body, flaws and all.

The entire process was a journey of self-discovery, a reminder that beauty comes in ALL shapes, sizes and ages. It was a testament to the power of embracing vulnerability and owning one's sensuality without apology.

In the end, the images captured were more than just photographs, they were visual reminders of my strength, resilience, and innate beauty. A powerful reminder that my worth is not defined by my past or circumstances but by the strength and courage with which I faced them.

To any woman who may be hesitant to embark on a boudoir session after motherhood or divorce, I urge you to take the leap with Marissa. It's not about conforming to societal standards of beauty, it's about embracing your unique journey and celebrating the incredible woman you are. Trust me, you deserve it!


Where do I even begin?! Marissa is an INCREDIBLE photographer.

The outdoor boudoir shoot was a REAL adventure! The entire time, we were laughing, enjoying the music, and having fun. 
Marissa is a professional through and through, and it felt like I was taking pictures with a friend (and I like to think I was!). 
A few days later, we set up a call to look through the photos and OMG they were BEAUTIFUL. I could not believe how incredible they were! I wanted every single one - choosing 40 was really difficult. 

She made me feel empowered, beautiful, and so much more. I cannot fully express how much this shoot meant to me, being supported, uplifted, and empowered every step of the way.
I cannot recommend Marissa highly enough. She will make you feel like the absolute Goddess that you are!!


This is the most beautiful and confident I’ve ever felt. This work is as much about interpersonal skills as photography skills, and Marissa’s a master of both.

I didn’t really know what to expect but in the weeks before my session she provided helpful info about how to prep. On the day of she put me at ease immediately with some warm-up yoga/stretching to get in touch with my body. She talked with me about what to do with my feet, hands, face, and body; without that guidance I would have no idea how to pose.

During the shoot she was so supportive and encouraging. She kept telling me I was doing great, which made me smile, which made me look happy and beautiful in my photos. The shoot was so fun and I have never felt so empowered and in touch with myself. I’m usually pretty self-conscious but I wasn’t thinking about the things I sometimes don’t love about my body. I was just having a great time and enjoying myself and that really comes through in the photos.

Everyone should do this!


This was my first time ever doing a boudoir shoot so I was a bit nervous. As a woman who has presented with a tomboyish energy for much of my life, this experience was way outside of my wheel house. But when I arrived, Marissa helped me feel less anxious by just sitting together and offering a listening ear and words of encouragement.

After I pushed through some nervousness in the beginning of the photoshoot I had an absolute blast! We collaborated together, playing with poses and angles and sharing ideas. After the shoot I felt amazing and empowered!

I'd have to say that my favorite part of this whole experience was having a safe space to feel able to let loose that hard outer shell and feeling the remarkable power I hold in femininity. Well actually my favorite part was when Marissa yelled out "hamstrings!" when I bent over 😄

Marissa is an amazing photographer, artist, and hype woman!

I 100% recommend this studio for anyone who is interested in getting a boudoir experience. You will have an amazing time with Marissa and you will not be disappointed!


I won a raffle and got the sitting fee for my experience covered - but let me be clear: I would’ve paid for EVERY part of this experience even if I hadn’t. A part of me has always been curious doing a boudoir photoshoot, but due my to own insecurities (maybe after I lose 15 pounds, maybe after my skin clears up, maybe etc. etc.), I never looked into it. Whatever brought me to Marissa — kismet, fate, what have you — I thank because I look at those reasons now and find them to be so silly. Marissa helped me see myself as I am, and I am beautiful!

 Marissa is gifted with the ability to make you feel like you’re safe. She really listened to my preferences and created a look that really made me feel amazing. I would’ve never thought I’d see myself the way she made me up. Even though I was nervous when I first walked in, Marissa’s demeanor made me feel comfortable and she had exercises prior that helped me feel more at ease - and quite frankly got my muscles warmed up for a lot of arching! I’m not trained in posing, but Marissa was able to effectively coach me on a variety of poses. What could’ve been uncomfortable and awkward was TRULY one of the most fun experiences I’ve had. I was excited to try all of the poses, all of my outfits, and she helped hype me up!

I can’t express how life-changing this whole experience was. As someone who wouldn’t immediately call myself “sexy,” she helped me understand that I am. My fiancé said he was elated with the results, but even more so with the change he’s seen in my attitude towards myself. I am SO much less critical, now having seen a different side of me that has always been there.

I will come back in the future — until then, I will fondly look at the photographs as a celebration of me. Marissa’s eye for beauty and good heart really shine through in her work, and I wholeheartedly recommend her!


Marissa is amazing!

 My first shoot was last year, and I was the last shoot she did prior to her studio opening up. Going from doing shoots in hotel suites, to now having an amazing gorgeous studio, and safe haven for the goddesses, I’m truly happy, and honored to be a part of the success that she has gained thus far   

I didn’t do just one shoot, but three. It’s amazing how she’s able to capture my transformation as a goodness. She does that amazing of a job, that I got hooked 😅

You’ll love her!

Everyone women out there should get to experience this and feel like a goodness. If you need a boudoir photographer, Marissa is your gal 😉


I am absolutely in love with the photos from my boudoir session with Marissa and cannot recommend a session with her enough!! :)
I am very camera shy and was amazed at how comfortable Marissa made me feel. The session was awesome and I can't wait to book with her again! Her artistic vision was immediately apparent, and she guided the direction of poses, location and wardrobe with ease. Marissa made me feel like the wild forest witch I've always dreamt of being, and the entire experience was so empowering, compassionate, and FUN <3 Thank you, Marissa, for making all of my photoshoot dreams come true.



This call is to answer any questions and go into more detail about your personalized luxury boudoir experience! I can tell that your inner goddess is begging to be set free! Let me know about you, your questions, and let's have a chat about your boudoir session. I look forward to hearing from you soon!