8 Reasons to Have a Boudoir Session

There are so many reasons to have a boudoir session! They can range from supremely profound and life-changing to just wanting to have fun. There’s no wrong reason to have a boudoir experience for yourself!

Here are the 8 most common reasons for a women to have a boudoir session:

Recently Divorced / Ended Relationship

Going through a divorce can be a huge loss of identity, confidence, feeling of self-worth, and sexiness. You might be feeling unloved and unlovable. Having a boudoir session at this time will help you to feel empowered, regain your confidence and be reminded that you ARE worthy, beautify and sexy.


What a bright and exciting time! Having a bridal boudoir session is an incredible gift to not only yourself, but also to your fiancé or your husband on your wedding day.

After Having Children

Babies are such a blessing! The process of growing them and nursing them, as beautiful as it is, can also leave our bodies changed forever. Maybe you have more stretch marks, softer curves, and the shape of your body is different than before. Having a boudoir shoot is a way to honor the miraculously incredible journey your body has had creating life.


A lot of women wait until a milestone birthday as a reason to have a boudoir session, but you don’t have to! Turning 32? Have a boudoir session! Turning 54? Hooray, have a boudoir session! This is one of the most special and fun ways to celebrate another trip around the sun.

seattle boudoir session


Having a boudoir experience and gifting your spouse beautiful and sensual images of you not only is a special way to commemorate

Major Life Changes

Sometimes when big things happen in your life, it can leave you feeling disconnected from yourself and your body. It can also leave a stagnant energy. A boudoir session will help you reconnect to your body and

Personal Reasons to have a Boudoir Session

You want to:

  • Experience a deeper appreciation for yourself
  • Connect with your divine feminine essence
  • Grow in self confidence, self worth
  • Feel feminine, sexy, sensual and beautiful
  • Put the heat back in your intimate relationship
  • Remind yourself that you are desirable

And Last But not Least – Because You Just Want To!

Your reasons to have a boudoir session can be on this list, or they can absolutely be just because you want to!!!


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