What Is Boudoir Photography?

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is an art form that explores the vulnerability, beauty, power and transformation a woman has within the privacy of her bedroom.

Simply put, boudoir is a french word that means “bedroom” and so most photos of this nature are taken in a bedroom. Originally it meant a private place where a woman could sulk in (which I totally love and would have taken advantage of!).

Boudoir has gone through its own journey, starting out as the hazy glamour shots of the 80s, then making its way into the bedroom where it earned a bad rap for being something only “bad girls” do. But boudoir photography has transitioned into what it is today – an incredibly empowering and intimate experience that inspires deeper self-confidence, self-worth, and overall sexy badass-ery within yourself.


There are many poses that your boudoir photographer will direct you to be in during your session. These will capture you, your curves and your body from every angle in a way that you’ve never seen before – and that will totally delight and amaze you! You will see yourself as the gorgeous, sexy, sensual, strong, unshakeable, desirable woman you’ve always wanted to be – and you’ll rise into becoming her!

Why should you experience a boudoir photography session for yourself?

There are so many reasons to have a boudoir experience! They can range from wanting to overcome body image issues and unhealthy beliefs about yourself, to giving a special and meaningful gift to your significant other, to celebrating your body and the ups and downs you’ve had together.

For more reasons, check out the blog I wrote, 8 Reasons to Have a Boudoir Experience


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