Seattle Outdoor Boudoir Session

Seattle Outdoor Boudoir Photography

Outdoor river boudoir experiences are some of my most favorite types of boudoir to photograph!!!

Having a boudoir session while surrounded by Mother Nature is such a unique and beautiful experience. Her presence ignites all your senses – the breeze as it gently swirls and caresses your skin, the sound of the leaves rustling in the trees, the fresh cool mountain water awakening every cell in your body, and the feeling of calmness, peace and joy.


This outdoor boudoir session near Seattle, at Olallie State Park in North Bend, was so just so divine!!!

This Goddess and I had planned on hiking the 2.6 mile roundtrip trail to reach an epic waterfall destination. To avoid hiking straight there while she was glammed up from getting her hair and makeup done and having her exhausted and sweaty, we stopped first at a quiet and gorgeous spot by the river to photograph her in two of her outfits.


Seattle Outdoor Boudoir Photography

Isn’t she just lovely??!


During the entire outdoor boudoir session , we were listening to her music and having so much fun dancing and feeling free at the river. For her second outfit, we chose a huge boulder for her to dance and pose on.

After we took these stunning photos, we packed up and hiked the rest of way to the waterfalls!

The sun was setting at this point, so we only had about 15 minutes and had to work quickly. She strapped up her metallic pole dancing boots, and we got to work!

I absolutely adore the vibe created in each of the 3 different outfits of her outdoor boudoir session. From sweet and pure, to sexy and down-to-earth, to voluptuous vixen – she embodied all the feminine goddess energy!!!

Which look is your favorite??

Outdoor boudoir photography seattle

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