Gold Creek Pond: Outdoor Boudoir Session

Seattle Outdoor Boudoir Photography

Those who know about the Gold Creek Pond in Snoqualmie Pass, WA, go there because of the ADA accessible trail and the serenity and beauty provided by the surrounding mountains. For this reason, many photographers choose this location for their engagement, elopement, and family portrait sessions.

But not I, said the boudoir photographer!

I thought this would make the most gorgeous backdrop for an outdoor boudoir session, just right for the Goddess pictured below!


First, we walked the path around Gold Creek Pond to find a spot that was tucked away from any park goers. We found a sweet secluded area of yellow wild flowers, which complimented her floral lingerie perfectly.

Next, we continued down the path until we found an entrance to the calm little creek. We listened to her music, danced, and had the best time splashing around!

I love that the water was shallow and calm, and it gifted us perfectly sized boulders to be able to lay on.

At last when the sun had descended and the mountains were turning orange, we made our way to Gold Creek Pond. This Goddess wanted to channel her inner sultry warrior, and that she did!

I absolutely love creating art and incorporating the beautiful outdoors!


Which is your favorite outfit look from this incredible session at Gold Creek Pond?

Seattle Outdoor Boudoir Photography


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