Get Ready for Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Let’s get ready for your boudoir photoshoot!

Your boudoir session is not just about getting glammed up, wearing sexy lingerie and taking sweet booty shots. Sure, we do that, but it goes much, much deeper than that.

You booked a boudoir photoshoot for all the ways that it would change your life – to embrace your body, love your curves, and feel confident in your skin!

It’s about the experience of feeling sexy, desirable, sensual, and delectably divine.

It’s about reconnecting to your divine feminine in a way that makes you feel empowered as a divine being, and remembering the power that you hold within.

So before you arrive on the day of your session, let’s get ready for your boudoir photoshoot in a different way than just shopping for and picking out your outfits and accessories.

Let’s get the Goddess in you ready!


There are 3 things that I recommend you begin practicing regularly before your session. It’s ok if these things are new for you, or feel uncomfortable, awkward or even silly. The fun is just trying them and seeing how they feel!



Meditation is an amazing way to turn inwards to calm, center and ground yourself and is a beautiful gift to give yourself daily.  Most people think meditation as just sitting cross-legged with your index finger and thumb pinched together and “ommm”ing. While this is one way to do it, I actually find the best way for myself is to lie on the floor with my hands at my side or on my belly. I close my eyes and begin focusing on how my body takes deep, intentional breathes. As I do this, I start relaxing every body part and releasing any stress or tension, starting with the very top of my head and working my way down to my forehead, face, neck, shoulders, and so on. I allow each piece of me to melt into the supportive ground as I continue to breathe.  Stay in this beautifully relaxed state for as long as you want.

Seattle Boudoir - Embassy Suites


I always encourage my Goddesses to bring music that they love and vibe with, but I’ve noticed that oftentimes, the music they choose for their boudoir experience prevents them from getting into a sensual state of being. Sometimes, the style/type/beat of the music actually prevents this. Music that feels really juicy and a bit “naughty” that makes my hips move in a slow, deep way is an amazing way to connect to your inner sensual Goddess and wild woman.

I found someone who has spent years culminating various songs with different moods that will take you to that special place! She has created a lot of different playlists, so check them out!


Seattle Outdoor Boudoir Photography


Once you have found your music, dancing is a great way to get ready for your boudoir photoshoot. Our wombs and hips hold so much power and magic, and allowing the beat and music to flow through them is so, so powerful. If you’ve never danced sensually before, or have no idea what this even means, no worries!

Just know that every body moves differently, and there’s no wrong way to do it. This is just to have fun preparing for  your ready for your boudoir photoshoot, but know that at your session I will guide you and teach you so that you have an amazing experience and we create intimate, beautiful and powerful boudoir images.

Check out a video of my client and I warming up for her boudoir experience with a fun dance stretch!

Bonus – Yoga!

During your boudoir experience, we will be popping that booty out and working various poses that can be physically demanding on your body. Of course, I will customize every pose to your body and any limitations you may have. But to prepare your lower back, I recommend doing various yoga positions, such as cat/cow, child’s pose, and downward facing dog.



Now that you know 4 ways to help you get ready for your boudoir photoshoot, it’s time to have fun and start practicing!


Let me know if you try any of these out before your boudoir experience!


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